Hello! My name is Brady Sanders, I own Dress Code PHL, a small-scale clothier based in Philadelphia, PA. Dress Code PHL is a solo venture however, it is the perfect culmination of my background as a life-long thrifter, vintage goods seller, and non-profit administrator.

Shopping thrift initially began when I was a budget conscious teen that liked having different clothes from everyone else. Later, as I honed my eye for vintage, I opened a boutique that specialized in dresses and accessories from the 1950s through the 1970s. This venture, as well as my business partners, taught me what I know today about eras, fabrics, and designers. As the economy and the environment have shifted and evolved, so has my personal life. I understand and embrace the importance of reusing, repurposing, and giving new life to second-hand garments. I proudly dress myself, my husband, and my two little boys in predominantly pre-loved clothes. 

Dress Code PHL was born from this concept as well as necessity. I needed an easy solution to dressing that holds up to the rigors of being a mom. I wanted cute, functional, durable clothing - enter the denim tent dress. The first iteration of Dress Code PHL was a canvas tent dress inspired by the voluminous silhouettes from the 1960s. Ultimately, I decided on denim because of its durability and for its place as an heirloom fabric in the classically American heritage.

Each Dress Code PHL dress is made from second-hand denim or cotton, sourced locally in Philadelphia. Some dresses are made by me. Others are made by a team of seamstresses that work for a micro-manufacturer in my neighborhood, Kensington, Philadelphia, PA. I like to think of Dress Code PHL as a clothier with a non-profit soul by upholding an ethos of sustainable, affordable, and practical fashion.